My Aids in Quitting Smoking

Some people have just been able to quit. Other say that you are just replacing one addiction for another.  I have not smoked in 8 weeks and 6 days. That is pretty amazing to me. I have been smoking for about 15 years!

I have been using 4mg Nicorette gum. It is very helpful. I am currently trying to get myself to a point were I only need a few pieces a day and then I am going to cut the dosage to 2mg. Once you start to deprive your body of nicotine, you begin to get irritable, fidgety, and generally I was pretty uncomfortable. This is the first reason why people try to quit on their own but cannot. By chewing my Nicorette gum, it  creates a quick but steady release of nicotine into your bloodstream and it allows you to avoid the physical symptoms of withdrawal.

I also use an electronic cigarette from Totally Wicked . It is a E-liquid ciggerette. I am using the mini with cappachino flavored e-liquid. This is a cigarette look-a-like that is an alternative to tobacco. It is smoked similar to a cigarette without being lit.  The chemical that is inhaled has traces of nicotine in it as well as 400 other ingredients. However, compared to the 4, 000 ingredients in a cigarette, it’s has been identified as healthier. And like other helping aids, they can be used anywhere. One of the biggest argument is whether the cigarette addiction is replaced by this electronic version.

Good luck, if you slip and smoke, don’t be discouraged. Many former smokers tried to stop several times before they finally succeeded. Just try to  quit again. :)